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NZ-666-EP Kshatriya Elpeo Ple Custom Details by Bang-Doll-SSI NZ-666-EP Kshatriya Elpeo Ple Custom Details by Bang-Doll-SSI
1/100 Elyn Kshatriya
1/100 Elyn Gatling Guns x 4
Custom decals laid out by Dade W. Bell and printed by Samuel.
Custom mixed paint scheme with 12 layers of paint for both candy purple colors.
Paints are Gaia, Gunze, Vallejo, and Citadel.

Won GOLD, Best In Class: Sci-Fi, People's Choice Best In Show, Judges' Best In Show at Maraudercon 2016.

Video is here:

This project took FOREVER and I frankly stopped keeping track of the hours once I hit 150.  This is mainly due to all of the paint layers required to give the proper shading and depth I was after.  Plus the fact that I'm a slow builder. lol  Note that I also went with my concept of painting the frame in a lighter color than the armor.  We often see MS frames painted in dark and/ or metallic colors, but I thought it would look much more interesting if the frame was a light color contrasted with the darker "candy purple" armor (kinda like my Ple Qubeley).  Also note how I went farther with the idea of making the finish matte.  I think this adds an interesting appearance to the candy surface and is actually more realistic and less toy-like than the usual gloss finish seen on candy colors (contrast with my Ple Qubeley...). 

The pictures truly don't do the real thing justice and I'll try to take better photos (and a video) with my D5100 outside when it cools down in the fall...  Until then, I think these pics will suffice.

With this project done, I'm done building Kshatriyas.  Too much of my life has been taken up with these things and it's time to move on.  Still, I'm the "Ple Guy" so I had to at least make this one. ;-) (Wink)  As for how Ple could end up piloting the Kshatriya, below is the story file I created to go on the base when I have a custom label printed later...

An Alternate Timeline...
     In the original events of ZZ Gundam, Elpeo Ple sacrificed herself to protect Judau Ashta from the Psycho Gundam Mk-II piloted by her clone, Ple Two.  However, in this alternate timeline, Glemy Toto’s attempts to clone Ple failed... and as a result, Ple didn’t die at the hands of her now-nonexistent clone.  Thus, the “butterfly effect” of the changed timeline allowed Ple to survive the First Neo-Zeon War.
     With the First Neo Zeon War over, Ple headed to Jupiter with Judau and Roux, but eventually grew bored with her relatively peaceful life (not to mention her “third-wheel” status with her friends), and decided to return to the Earth Sphere.  During the long voyage home, she was disappointed to find that she missed the events of the Second Neo-Zeon War (Char’s Counterattack), and vowed to never miss out on any further action.
     So when Ple heard about Full Frontal’s group of Neo-Zeon remnants, The Sleeves, she joined them without hesitation (and received the customized purple Kshatriya for her personal MS).  This was because of a longing for excitement more than any kind of belief in Neo-Zeon ideology, and the battlefield was once again filled with the giddy shout of, “Purupurupurupuru!”.  However, she quickly switched sides when she discovered that Frontal was merely using her as a “test” against the Unicorn Gundam’s NT-D system (her ability to defeat her own NT-D-controlled funnels and fight the Unicorn to a standstill is a significant departure from the original timeline).
     Being a natural Newtype and not subject to the side-effects of the Cyber-Newtype process (complicated by the horrible events of childhood), Ple was able to avoid most of the unfortunate, and ultimately fatal, events that befell her clone, Marida Cruz (Ple Twelve), in the original timeline.  As a result, she and the Kshatriya were able to survive the Third Neo-Zeon war relatively unharmed... a feat for which she rewarded herself with a nice, long bubble bath.
enc86 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015
still in awe even days latter.
the thrusters looks super fine!
Bang-Doll-SSI Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Professional General Artist
Thanks man!  That was the last batch of photos, so no worries about this thing clogging the notifications. ;-)
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